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Each squad consists of two pairs, Pair #1 and Pair #2. Pair #1 play against Pair #1 from another squad and the same goes for Pair #2.  These matches are a best of 3 set format.


After these two matches, there will be a squad score of either 2-0 or 1-1. If a squad has won 2-0, they have won the round.


If there is a 1-1 draw in matches then the squad must play a tie-breaker 'Golden Set' to 15 points where the squad coach can choose any two of the four players to represent the squad in the 'Golden Set' tie break pair.

  • Pool Play determines seeding followed by double elimination

  • Pool Play 21, 21, 15 - 2 Clear Points*

  • Crossovers & Final matches 21,21,15 - 2 Clear Points*

  *Note:  the organiser may change to 15-15-11 if running out of time


Competition rules can be found HERE

The Inter Regional Beach Championships is being run and organised by Beach Volleyball Inc  in conjunction with The Cardiff Beach Volleyball Centre. 

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