Inter-Regional Beach Volleyball Championships

9th-10th July 2022 TWO DAY Event   Cardiff Beach Volleyball Centre


Each Team consists of two pairs of teams, Pair #1 and Pair #2. Pair #1 play against Pair #1 from another team and the same goes for Pair #2.  These matches are a best of 3 set format.


After these two team matches, there will be a team score of either 2-0 or 1-1. If a team has won 2-0, they have won the round.


If there is a 1-1 draw in matches then the team must play a tie-breaker 'Golden Set' to 15 points where the team coach can choose any two of the four team players to represent the team.

  • Pool Play determines seeding followed by single elimination

  • Pool Play 21, 21, 15 - 2 Clear Points*

  • Crossovers & Final matches 21,21,15 - 2 Clear Points*

  *Note:  the organiser may change to 15-15-11 if running out of time

The Inter Regional Beach Championships is being run and organised by The Academy of Beach Sports in conjunction with The Cardiff Beach Volleyball Centre.