An Open letter to any Parent, Coach, Player, or Volunteer.

My name is Denise Austin and I am the founder of the Inter-Beach.net events.

In 1996 I ran my first England Junior Beach Volleyball camp which ran for nine days in Croyde for about 12-16 England Junior girls. We had to write a letter to the parents in about January to organise our camp for the summer and all the girls arrived with tents, blow-up mattresses and sleeping bags. Nick my boyfriend at that time, now husband of 25 years, managed to feed them all from our camper van and avoid any major injuries except Debbie Spokes blisters between each toe which she stoically bandaged every day.

Anyway… fast forward a few decades…a few different tours and junior developments and after being inspired by USA College, and NCAA beach volleyball programme development over the past eight years the idea of inter-beach was born.

The NCAA beach format has five pairs from one college playing against five pairs from another college in "The Dual". We didn’t feel we would muster five pairs but we do feel that two pairs, with a golden set decider if there is a draw in matches of 1-1, combines the best of a squad experience and creates drama if the matches are tied and we need to settle the dual.

Having been involved in shapes and forms of junior beach volleyball development for thirty years and witnessing the growth of the National Junior Beach Programme, beach camps were run on a regular basis for England Junior and Cadet players with up to 30 players in attendance.

There was so much potential but unless they came from a predominant beach club and had more experience than we as National Team coaches could give them, it was impossible for a relatively new beach player to crack into the selection process for European and World Championships. If they were progressing they might make the last six but as coaches the depth and experience of players, to cause difficult selection choices, just wasn’t deep enough because the player experiences could not be accelerated. It was sad as a coach to not be able to give them an international experience.

But with whatever matrix was used the players with beach experiences were generally selected. Hence the idea and birth of the first-ever U19 Home Nations event in 2019. Which allowed for 12 junior players, squads of four, and two pairs playing together as a team to come to fruition. Instead of only two players being selected each summer for a European or World championship, now there was the potential to select 12.

Being selected and playing their first international against Scotland, NIR and Wales was part of their performance or or pre-performance pathway towards, NEZVA, Europeans and World Championships.

Moving into 2019, we added another stepping-stone into the pre-performance pathway of the U18 Inter Regional Beach Volleyball Championships. Which allowed the players to experience a selection process to be able to play for their region ahead of possibly playing for their country.

I am often asked the question, why isn’t the 1st September birthday age group as per the JUKBT? The straight answer is these inter-beach events were designed to allow young beach players a pre-performance event. As NEZVA, CEV and FIVB all use the same age group. Many of you know that playing for England indoors means you have to know your age by year of birth and it’s the same for these events. It makes sense because then you know where you stand as you progress through the beach performance pathway.

Due to many reasons the Home Nations event isn’t being run this year as it stood. I cannot help that process, but as a parent to a junior athlete, I feel very passionate about why I want to run these styles of events by creating an international experience for many of the young players out there.

So came the birth of the Open U19 Beach Commonwealth Cup 2022. The Inter-regional event is run for the regions and organised by those coaches, the Home Nations was run for the National Team coaches and managers.

The U19 CC is an Open. So who should enter? FOr 2022 the event is now full. 

For any others, be ready for 2023! It's open to any commonwealth resident. Wild card applications will be considered for small nations and aged up to U21 athletes from smaller nations will be considered if appropriate.

Who should organise a team? A coach from a region could easily decide to gather four players and enter. An organised parent who would like to see the group of club children play together, it could be a National Team coach or it could be anyone who wants to see their child play in an open international against players from other countries and regions.

If you are from Cyprus to Canada or South Africa to Scotland you are able to enter as long as your group of children remains 18 or younger in this calendar year.

We will allow player changes due to any clashes with other events as and when required.

To place your team on the reserve list, please click here for the U19 Beach Commonwealth Cup Entry Form 

All further information will be circulated through this contact form as the entries are received.

The closing deadline for entries is the 11th of July. Currently full but reserve list available. 

Entries will be listed on the inter-beach.net website as they come in plus a reserve list.

Spaces are limited to eight squads per gender. 

One squad is four players/two pairs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Denise Austin
U19 CC organiser 2022


Each Squad consists of two teams, Pair #1 and Pair #2. Pair #1 play against Pair #1 from another Squad and the same goes for Pair #2.


After these two team matches, there will be a squad score of either 2-0 or 1-1. If a squad has won 2-0, they have won the round.


If there is a 1-1 draw in matches then the squad must play a tie-breaker 'Golden Set' where the squad coach can choose any two of the four players to represent the 'Golden Set' pair.

Squad Entry Form 2022


The Home Nations Beach Volleyball Cup is being run and organised by Beach Volleyball Inc in conjunction with Cardiff Beach Volleyball Centre