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#HN2018 Round Up Day 3!

Round Up of day 3!


Day 3 at the Home Nations Beach tournament became the day of the Golden Set with so many matches going down to the wire. 
England men continued to dominate the semi-finals with the English pairings of Lucas and Bialokoz , Goalen and Anderson beating Murray and Anderson, Hook and Richie from Scotland 2 both matches 2-0. In the other thrilling semifinal Wales played Scotland 1 and with a tie after the first games another Golden Set was set up. The pairing of Netley and Morgan from Wales then dominated the play off set winning 15-10. 
The final saw England men dominate from the beginning. Goalen and Anderson won 21-11, 21-8 and Lucas and Bialokoz 21-12, 21-12 to take the gold medals with Netley and Morgan and Mexon and Frazier settling for the silver. 

The women's competition was close on day 3 with several matches needing the Golden Set to reach a result. The best of the matches saw England 3 taking England 1 to a Golden Set. The bronze medal match was between England 3 and England 5 with England 3 taking the honours. In the Gild medal match the England 2 pairing of Freitas and Tucker forced the Golden Set but they were unable to overcome the England 1 pairing of Keefe and Austin who took the set 15-8. 
After a great 3 days of performance volleyball the organisers were all thrilled with the success of the competition and look forward to running a bigger and better event next year. 



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